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April 19, 2015 | DELTA - 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN connectors - NEW
Developed to meet the growing demands of today’s high performance mobile communications systems, the 4.1/9.5 has an operational frequency range of DC-14 GHz. It also offers excellent VSWR performance and Low Passive Intermodulation (Low PIM) < -165 dBc. This makes it ideally suited for use in cellular base stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.
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July 10, 2014 | SOUTHERN (SMI) now offers up to 1KW CW Circulators / Isolators
SMI now offers up to 1KW CW units.
From 500 MHz – 1.4 GHz
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October 14, 2013 | Meet Impact at IEEE COMCAS 2013 show, booth: 21
David Intercontinental hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel
October 21-23, 2013
September 29, 2013 | 10:1 Bandwidth, Bi-Directional Couplers - Werlatone
WERLATONE supplies a full line of 10:1 Bandwidth, Bi-Directional Couplers. Werlatone's patented designs offer tight coupling, very low insertion loss, and are ideal for Test & Measurement, In-Building (DAS), Commercial, and Military applications.
Please click the link below to view a brief audiovisual presentation, highlighting a few of Werlatone's High Power, Mismatch Tolerant® designs.
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July 01, 2013 | New Marki Microlithic mixers
Microlithic mixers feature the most sophisticated double balanced mixer construction available in the world. These mixers are designed through rigorous computer simulated iterations to yield optimal designs. They have extremely high isolations, flat conversion loss across a broad bandwidth, and an extremely compact package. Unlike GaAs MMICs, they use Silicon schottky diodes for low noise and use a low LO drive level.
Microlithic mixers are highly repeatable and suitable for high volume production. They are highly recommended for all new designs.
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